Mac Squid package back

5 Simple Steps to Lure Recovery

  1. As best you can, maintain your fishing line in a vertical position, directly over the area in which the lure is hooked.
  2. IMPORTANT: Be sure the MacSquid nylon line is secured (or we may need to sell you another one!)
  3. Insert fishing line through the slot on your MacSquid. Place clips over the ends of the slot to prevent your fishing line from slipping out.
  4. Lower your MacSquid into the water until it touches the area where the lure is tangled (holding tightly to the rope at all times.)
  5. Jog your MacSquid up and down to knock your lure loose, or use a circular, up and down motion to catch the lure's hooks. Remember to keep a firm grip on your fishing line during retrieval.

MacSquid pays for itself after saving just 3 or 4 lures