Mac Squid package

Reviews & Testimonials

"Everyone who fishes lures has lost a few lures to underwater structure, and those who fish more frequently are usually constantly replenishing their supply of lost favorites. The Mac Squid can be your solution, saving you trips to the tackle shop, the expensive cost of new lures, and actually help you become more effective angler by having the confidence to fish around structure without the fear of losing anything. With just a few easy steps the Mac Squid lure retrieval system is on its way to bringing that lost lure back to the rightful While it may not work 100% of the time there is no doubt that it will save your lures the majority of the time, and if the Mac Squid just saves 3 or 4 lures then it has already paid for itself."— (Click to read full review)


"As all serious bass anglers know, bass lures have increased in cost over the past few years. Some of the designer lures can now cost as much as $20 - $30 dollars. Of course if they work bass fishermen don’t mind paying the price. But it’s still painful when an angler ties on a brand new twenty five dollar swim bait only to have it get hung up on a piece of wood or some other type of structure, generally just out of reach.The good news is that an avid fisherman, John McAfee has invented a lure retrieval system that really works. John designed the “Mac Squid” utilizing a powder coated steel cylinder four inches long with galvanized chains riveted onto it to tangle up the hooks of snagged lures. The cylinder is cut diagonally where you insert your fishing line and included is 25ft of 350 lbs nylon rope to assist in lure retrieval. The Mac Squid weighs just over one pound and in most hang ups situations will normally knock the lure free with it’s shear weight. If it doesn’t the angler simply moves the nylon rope up and down with a swirling motion and the hooks will become entangled in he galvanized chains. There are all kinds of lure retrievers, they come in different shapes and sizes but with the patented design of the Mac Squid, it is the only lure retriever that goes directly over and encases the snagged lure within the center of the Mac Squid. By using the Mac Squid you will save lots of lures and be hundreds of dollars ahead. — Big Bass Days Daily


"For all of you who like to toss or troll those big swim baits, but are tired of losing them when they become snagged, I have good news. Laker Plaza now has the Mac Squid lure retriever on the shelves. Guys, this Gadget has literally saved hundreds of dollars in lures I may have other wise lost. When you shell out $25 - $40 or more for a swim bait, you tend to get gun-shy about using it, especially where submerged tress or other structure are involved. Once you know you can get the lure back, you’ll be more inclined to fish with it near structure where the fish are located. Ladies, if your hubby does not have one of these I strongly suggest you get one for him. Think of all the nice things you’ll be able to buy with the money he saves." — Boulder News